ETSY = Ecommerce Technology Systems

Unique Features of ETSY Ecommerce Website Designing:

Learn more about our E-commerce website designing features by going through the sub-headers in this page.

For demo please click here  {In demo website real selling doesnot happen. Products are uploaded by visitors to evaluate the demo. In last step of ordering process it will give error as the payment gateway is disabled in demo.}

Images & Photos:

  • Capacity to upload numerous photos
  • Add personalized photos from your computer or any website
  • Involuntarily creates customized photo galleries
  • Appearance of picture thumbnails on the product page
  • Options for instant photo zooming
  • Automatically creates photo thumbnails
  • Options to upload a number of images at once
  • Features photo manager to systematize photos from different sources
  • Pop-up features to open large images though a light box window
  • SEO friendly per-image alt text and description
  • Sharing of photos between products
  • Unique customizable photo display settings

Search Engine Optimization:

  • Acknowledged as #1 SEO-optimized solution
  • New feature: redirect non WWW to WWW and vice versa
  • Easy analyzing of HTML by search spiders
  • Edit options for robots.txt file in control panel
  • Access to the resources containing SEO training blogs + videos
  • Accurate usage of robots.txt file
  • Page ranking determiner
  • Personalized setup option for own 301 redirect links
  • New per-page optimization
  • Setting options for the default page title and META details relevant to page & product
  • Setting option for the page title and META details per news post & category
  • Involuntary generation of HTML sitemap
  • XML sitemap for webmaster tools of Google
  • Usage of H1 to H6 tags
  • SEO friendly links and tabs (product, category, brand, search, news, page)
  • Fast SEO friendly links
  • Choice of valid templates of W3C
  • Customized product images alt text
  • Regular addition of SEO optimizations
  • Usage of NOFOLLOW attribute correctly
  • New lightweight HTML apart from CSS
  • Original 100% HTML and CSS templates(Excludes PHP)

Mobile Commerce:

  • Enables to browse and order on all popular mobile devices
  • Offers iPad-native shopping experience
  • Includes iPhone optimized mobile experience
  • New Android optimized mobile experience
  • Palm Pre & Blackberry Optimized Mobile experience
  • Allows modifications of mobile commerce per device
  • Customization of complete HTML/CSS designs

Multi-Currency Support:

  • Comprehensive features of multi-currency support
  • Allows automatic updating of exchange rates
  • Routine visitor currency detection
  • Provides custom exchange rates
  • Setting option for choosing a default currency
  • Setting option for per-currency symbol and decimal places.

Shopping Comparison Engines:

  • Nonstop incorporation to 7 shopping comparison sites
  • Options for product export to Beso
  • Options for product export to BizRate
  • Options for product export to MySimon
  • Options for product export to NexTag
  • Options for product export to PriceGrabber
  • Options for product export to
  • Options for product export to Shopzilla

Orders & Checkout:

  • New 'single page' checkout option
  • Allows pre orders options
  • Features for minimum and maximum order quantities
  • Estimation of shipping quote
  • Features guest checkout option
  • Options of refunds and store credits
  • Fields for custom checkout
  • Includes delivery/event dates
  • Provides shipping tracking numbers
  • Confirmation of order through Email
  • Terms & Conditions checkbox before ordering
  • Option to add multiple items to cart
  • Creating new order shipments
  • Features order messaging system
  • Options for re-order
  • Setting of custom starting order number
  • Automatic transfer of order tracking link to the customers

Social Media Marketing:

  • Includes Facebook "Like/Dislike" click buttons on product pages
  • New Facebook OpenGraph META support
  • New comment & reviews sharing option on Facebook/Twitter
  • Discussion options for comment/reviews integration on Facebook/Twitter
  • Options to share products on 20+ social media through “AddThis” click button

Sell on eBay:

  • Options to push some or all products to eBay in just 5 clicks
  • Gives a detailed reusable eBay listing templates
  • Options for setup per-product auction or BIN listings
  • Includes custom shipping option for eBay listings
  • Shows any price variances for eBay listings
  • Sorts orders to find eBay orders quickly
  • Automatically reduces inventory for orders
  • No limit on eBay listings numbers
  • Options for per-staff permission for any editing

Products & Merchandising:

  • Options include selling both physical & digital products
  • Selling products with options such as size, color, etc
  • Option of minimum and maximum order quantities
  • Customized fields for printing text on T-shirts
  • Options of bulk discount quantity pricing
  • New options for gift wrapping
  • Mode choices include "Catalog only" mode
  • New "Call for pricing" option
  • Unlimited sub categories creation option
  • Importing of products, images and variations included
  • Bulk export & re-import options included
  • Option for exporting products to Excel
  • Creation and assignment of brands/manufacturers
  • Customization of products to unlimited categories
  • Options for per-product & per-option SKUs or custom codes
  • Full WYSIWYG editing option
  • Includes embed videos in product description
  • Includes new per-product YouTube video gallery
  • Options to edit product description HTML directly
  • New WYSIWYG editor to cut/copy/paste
  • New per-product gift wrapping option
  • Unlimited live shipping quotes
  • Options to provide product reviews & comments
  • Specialized cost price and profit reports
  • Option to enter retail price & sales price to show RRP and sales event
  • Checking the product whether it is taxable or not
  • Disable options on purchasing on a per-product basis
  • Indicates product weight for live shipping quotes
  • Allows free shipping on a per-product basis

Marketing & Promotions:

  • Options to sell & buy products on eBay
  • Tracking option for coupon codes
  • Options showing coupon expiry date and limited usages
  • New Google analytics integration
  • Bulk discount options per product
  • Gift Certificates options
  • Choice of banners for promotional method
  • New discount rules system
  • Offers including buy one get one free
  • Free shipping option over $x and $x on orders over $y
  • New review panel
  • Newsletter subscriptions options
  • New Google Website Optimizer incorporation
  • Export options to Google Base
  • Export options of products to CSV files
  • Specialized affiliate tracking system
  • RSS feeds and Google Adwords export
  • New sales marketing export from Yahoo
  • Lists of all popular and new products
  • Lists of all top sellers
  • New popup box for quick search
  • Integrating options with any live chat software

Variations & Product Options

  • Selling options of products including apparel & computers
  • Unlimited options per product setup
  • No limitation in product numbers
  • Generate a variation or set of product options
  • Assigning of the variation to multiple products
  • Add, subtract or set fixed price and weight for each option
  • Set a unique SKU, image, stock and low stock level for each product option
  • Change of display order product options
  • New editing options in addition to existing products
  • Optional tracking list per option
  • Sorting options for quick updating
  • Bulk updating option values per product
  • Paging option for editing product options
  • Specific options to disable purchasing
  • Mandatory options while buying
  • Re-order product options
  • Options displaying order and on invoice

Inventory & Stock Control:

  • Per-product and per-option list levels
  • Disable options for inventory tracking per product
  • Setting options of low stock level warning for each product
  • Tracking inventory at a product level
  • Setting options include current stock level and low stock level per product option
  • Automatically controls the inventory
  • Indicators on dashboard as reminders of low stock inventory
  • Detailed report for all products
  • Bulk updating in any inventory level

Payments & Shipping:

  • Credit card, PayPal and Google checkout payment options online
  • Secure checkout options
  • Shipping via UPS, USPS and FedEx for fast delivery
  • Support system for "offline" payments
  • Other options include cash on delivery, store payment and cheque payment options
  • Order placing through telephone
  • Updates on conversion rate
  • Auto-detection of currency based on location
  • New real time shipping quotes
  • New shipping rates
  • Choices of shipping methods based on country, state and zip code
  • Different free shipping options

Configurable Fields:

  • Provides additional product info
  • Examples: text to print on a t-shirt, picture to print on a mug
  • Filed types includes text, file and check-box
  • New drop-down field types
  • Display options of fields on product page, invoice
  • Fields listing along with order for processing
  • Option to create unlimited number of fields

Delivery/Event Dates:

  • Options to sell tickets to events, concerts, etc
  • Customizing options for the displayed name date and field
  • Sorting and export options of orders by delivery/event date
  • Setting options to include number of tickets available for purchase
  • Delivery confirmation via email
  • Display of date selected along with invoice

Tax Rates & Settings:

  • Flexible tax system period
  • Fully supported system for geographic tax zones
  • New tax zones per country and state
  • Options for flat tax
  • New tax rate display in store
  • Display of tax on invoices
  • New sales tax report by date
  • Local, national & international selling options

Content Management System:

  • 100% browser based fully CMS functionality pages
  • Newly designed SEO-friendly pages
  • Restriction to customer groups
  • Quick responses via email
  • Display options to set a page as home page
  • New drag & drop category
  • Choice of banners for promotion

In-Store Merchandising:

  • Detailed product catalog
  • Quick online checkout system
  • New "Call for pricing" option
  • Product comparisons for better price
  • Fast order tracking and order status updates
  • New order messaging system
  • Relevant product suggestion
  • Suggestive cart option

Customers & Groups:

  • Choices of flexible customer groups
  • New per-group pricing discounts
  • Options to set a default group for new customers
  • New category level discounts
  • Filter customers by group and discounts
  • Export customers by group and discounts
  • Options to create unlimited customer groups

Business Intelligence Reports:

  • Regular conversion rate
  • List showing top 20 customers
  • List of best selling products
  • Detailed display of customer locations
  • Display of sales tax report by date
  • Order sorting by revenue and date
  • Display of popular products
  • Revenue system per customer
  • Search options of keywords with & without results
  • Best & worst performing keywords

Returns System:

  • Fully loaded return system
  • Includes offer refund, swap or store credit
  • New customized return reasons
  • Any change in status is sent to customer via email
  • New email notification for any return

Import/Export Options:

  • Bulk export & re-import options
  • Easy import options for existing products
  • Flexible import system
  • Options to export the products to CSV/XML
  • Updated two-way sync with Intuit quick books
  • Export option included MYOB, Peachtree

In-Store Search:

  • Advanced search options
  • New "Did you mean?" suggestions
  • Relevant searches list
  • Filter options includes price, availability and free shipping
  • New addition of search tips and advice
  • Choice to shop by brand & price
  • Saved search options for reviewing


  • Edit options for personalized DNS records
  • Choices to choose orders per page in admin
  • New addition of minimum password strength indicator
  • Automatically logs out after 15 minutes